Rice Syrup Solids and its Advantages!!

Rice syrup solids, (C6H10O5)n.H2O, CAS Reg. No. 68131-37-3 is defined by the FDA as dried glucose syrup (21 CFR 168.121) in which the reducing sugar content is 20 DE or higher. This dried glucose in the form of powder and solids are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as direct human food ingredients at levels consistent with current good manufacturing practices (21 CFR 184.1865).

These products are produced by an agglomeration process that increases particle size and lowers bulk density compared to standard products. They are easily dispersed into the water for ease of use in quick dissolving beverage mixes. The low density is ideal to provide bulk in high-intensity sweetener blends. They can also carry limited quantities of oil without losing their physical form or flow properties.
Shafi Gluco Chem also produces A-one quality dried glucose and supply it in the USA and other countries too.

What is the Nutritional Value of Rice Syrup Solids USA?

The nutritious rice syrup solids have many healthy nutrients. It has
1) Carbohydrates:
The powder has 97.5 grams of total carbohydrates per 100 grams which keeps you energized all the time.
2) Dry Solid Substances:
It has 93 to 98 per cent of dry solid substances that keep you healthy and fine.
3) Moisture:
It has 2 to 5 per cent of moisture which keeps you away from dehydration.
4) Slightly Acidic pH:
the powder has PH from 4 to 6.5 which shows that it has some healthy nutrients.
5) No Gluten:
It is mostly preferred by athletes and gluten intolerant because of its being free of gluten, and
6) Ability to be Stored:
It can be stored for 365 days or a year.

Furthermore, it has
1) 26 to 44 Dextrose Equivalent (DE)
2) Dextrose
3) Maltose, and
4) Many other carbohydrates or reducing sugars.

So it’s not bad to buy it!


What are the Applications of Rice Syrup Solids?

Because of its being sweet and rich in carbohydrates or reducing sugars, the product of rice syrup solids USA supplier has many uses and applications. It is used in
1) Baking Cookies and Muffins:
Because of having moisture, it is used as moisture stabilizer. It also enhances the texture of baked goods and increases their freezing stability.
2) Candies:
Because of being rich in reducing sugars, it is used as barrier coating in panned candies to being shine in them.
3) Ice Creams:
Because of having lots of glucose in it and absence of cholesterol and fats, it is used in frozen desserts to optimize the sweetness and reduce the fatness.
4) Sea-foods and Meat:
It is used in meat and sea-foods to keep it moisturized for a long time and keep its texture same.

So, you can buy the product of rice syrup solids USA supplier which is can be mixed in water easily.

Shafi Gluco Chem is one of the leading rice syrup solids suppliers that supply the dried glucose in the form of powder not only nationally but also internationally in premium quality and safest packaging. And its reasonable price makes every other company buy from the fastest growing company in Pakistan.
So go and buy it!


Why you should use Rice Milk

Everyone wants something nutritious and healthy but everyone hates dairy products too. Then what they should try?
Simple, rice milk

What is Rice Milk?

An alternative to dairy milk is a grain milk that is made by processing rice. It is free of being DAIRY.
The rice processed nutritious liquor, although is not a complete replacement of cow’s milk, is preferred mostly by
• Vegetarians
• Lactose intolerant, and
• Those who don’t like dairy milk.
The milk consists of
• Absence of lactose
• No by-products of animals
• Freedom from cholesterol
• 140 calories in each cup
• 3 grams of fat per cup, and
• Different minerals and vitamins like Calcium and Vitamin B1 and B2.

What are the benefits of a product of Pakistan’s fastest Rice Syrup Supplier?

Grain made milk gives you lots of advantages and benefits because of its being nutritious and free of cholesterol.
That’s why it is mainly used

1. To maintain your skin fresh and healthy:

There are many antioxidants in grain processed milk that keep harmful rays of sun and pollution away from your skin and keep it fresh and healthy. It also keeps wrinkles away.

2. To keep you as Fit as Fiddle:

The milk keeps you healthy by strengthening your immune system and keeping oxidative stress and inflammation away which can cause chronic diseases.

3. To keep Cholesterol in Control:

It has 0 per cent cholesterol, and that’s why it is very healthy and the best choice for obese people and heart patients.

4. To keep Bones Strong:

The milk has lots of calcium and vitamins like B1 and B2 which keep your bones healthy and delay the osteoporosis for whole life.

5. To keep Digestive System Healthy:

The while alternative liquor lacks lactose. Lacking lactose makes the processed milk digestible on one hand, and keeps your body away from infection and indigestion of bacteria.

Where the Grain Milk is used?

Shafi Gluco Chem is one of the largest rice protein producers in Pakistan. Its every product is A-one. In the same way, its grain made milk is also very successful which is mainly sold to confectionery industries and stores to make healthy and light sweets and desserts.
You can also use it to make sweets at home.
You can use it to make ice cream with the help of an ice cream maker.
Rice Milk made Ice cream:
To make ice cream from milk alternative, you need
• Two cups strawberries
• Pinch of Vanilla extract
• Half cup sugar or sweetener
• A half cup of rice milk, and
• Half spoon almond extract.
Blend milk and strawberries together. Then add sugar or any sweetener in it with vanilla extract. After blending add almond extract in it. Blend it once again and cool it in the fridge. After cooling, churn it in ice cream maker and serve it with chocolate syrup topping.
Shafi Gluco Chem, being one of the well-known suppliers of conventional tapioca around the world from Pakistan, produces rice milk of premium quality and supply it internationally in the safest packaging and sell it at the most reasonable prices.
So, if you are really conscious about your weight and health, then try grain made milk.

What to use Other than Wheat Flour?

Do you love sweet? Are you sweet lover? Are you that sweet and cake lover who love cake but also afraid from weight machine? If yes then try rice flour.
Rice flour, unlike other wheat flour, is free of gluten. It has less fat and cholesterol than wheat flour. Furthermore, it has a low content of fibre content which makes it digestible. The flour is rich in minerals and vitamins.
And the best part is that conventional rice flour, because of its being fine and consistent, can be used to make golden soft cakes and crispy cookies. And these cakes and cookies will be light and healthy too. But you need to follow some tips. They are the following:
What do you need to Remember about the Substitute of Wheat Flour?
The sweet substitute of wheat flour, that tastes like brown rice syrup supplier’s product, bake cakes and cookies differently. And it also appears different.
The batter made from this very light alternative of dangerous wheat flour will be very smooth and very less viscous. It us water like.
And there are two important facts about it to keep it in your mind.
Firstly, the flour makes your baking item more golden and crispy easily. It makes them tasty and delicious.
Secondly, you need to add either baking powder more or a little wheat flour because of a lack of gluten in it. Gluten helps your cake and cookies to rise.
If you are intolerant to gluten, then add baking powder a little more. Otherwise, its good to add wheat flour to raise your baking item.
How to use Sweet Alternative of Gluten Flour?
Everyone wants healthy and light yummy food. But to make it yummy you need to add some little unhealthy ingredient into it.
In the same way, if you want to bake a delicious but healthy cake then you need to add a little more wheat flour along with its substitute. Otherwise, your cake will not rise.
For example, if you are putting one and a half cup of its substitute then the remaining will be the gluten one.
Furthermore, gluten-free flour needs more water and liquid than the normal baking items. So, try to add some more fruit juices into the batter to make it tastier and taste buds pleasing.
Where can we use it Other than Baking?
The product of Shafi Gluco Chem, Pakistan’s fastest growing rice syrup supplier, can be used to spicy dishes too. It is also used to make
1) Noodles
2) Breading for fried dishes, and
3) Different desserts too.
Furthermore, the lightest substitute is used to make roasts crispy and crunchy. And moreover, it also works as a thickening and binding agent.
How is it used in Other Countries?
The sweet alternative of gluten flour us commonly used in different countries.
In Japan, it is used in two forms
1) A glutinous form which is used in cooking, and
2) Non-glutinous which is used in making sweet and confectionary items.
In India, it used to make baby’s food by mixing it with cereal, dried fruits and wheat.
In Bangladesh, it is used to make Rotis. It is the main ingredient in its cuisine.
Furthermore, it is used to make
1) Rice noodles
2) Shondesh, and
3) Iranian kheer.
And much more.
Shafi Gluco Chen produces the rice flour of premium quality which is also exported to different countries in the safest packaging.
So use the most healthy alternative and have a long life.